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What We Do

Rembrandt Tree Care offers year-round, Certified Arborist consultation, full-service tree pruning and tree removal to Moscow, Pullman, Lewiston and Clarkston and surrounding areas.

Allow me to come and visit your landscape

Your free tree assessment offers information, options, and suggestions designed to reduce liability and promote the healthy growth of your landscape. During the assessment, I will analyze the different symptoms of health or lack thereof of the trees in your landscape including the type, branch structure, and growth habit of your trees. I also look for included bark crotches, dieback, stobs, wounds, signs of insects or fungus, previous topping, indiscriminate pruning, as well as the tree’s relationship to the soil and proximity to your buildings and other suburban infrastructure.

Shared boundaries

As we live in communities that have a shared forest, I often give advice to help solve issues that arise between landowners on property lines. Damage from root systems, migratory seedlings, direct or possible contact to houses, vegetative shading and or screening, debris buildup in gutters, and lichens or moss growing on roofs are just a few of the topics discussed. Realizing the possible complexity of such issues I work with tact to shed unbiased light on the subject and to raise awareness and help forward positive progress for all concerned parties.

Many are recently concluding that mulch in the form of cardboard and chips is an efficient way to xeroscape over grass reducing the need to water and to encourage the long term health of trees in their landscape. I have often prescribed this type of soil amendment to control grass, weeds, to address soil fertility and water retention yet no landscapers would fill it, so my crew and I can help. We can:
1. chip debris from tree work in your yard
2. weed wack or mow grass low
3. apply upcycled cardboard directly to the surface
4. cover with chips
Not all jobs supply enough chips for this use so I can supply chips by the truck load at additional cost.

Sometimes whole tree removal is the best course of action in your yard or forested lot but that’s not always a loss.. Consider if that beloved tree that had to go found a new life as part of a building, a piece of furniture, or art. In addition to chipping the brush for mulch often the trunk can be harvested as well. I own a new Timberking 1620 band saw with 12 ft. extension and can mill logs up to 3 ft. diameter and 30 ft. long. Each log is different and requires different techniques to recover and haul but we can talk about options as part of an assessment.

New Tree Selection

If there is a need for a new tree in the landscape I will help with advice as to what kind and where to plant. This information includes species that thrive in our environment, have little exposure to insect infestation and or other common disease vectors, reduced maintenance, color, shape, and size of the tree, and how it will fit into your overarching landscape.


In addition to many years of my family’s collective tree experience (since 1977), I am also an ISA Certified Arborist. The International Society of Arboriculture is the world leader in arboriculture and the promotion of health in urban forests as well as the training, testing, and certification of arborists worldwide. Rembrandt Tree Care is licensed, bonded, and insured in both Idaho and Washington, and is qualified to perform actions that insurance companies frequently require. I am also familiar with the different regulations that are enforced in the cities and municipalities which I service.

Business Practice

As always my central focus is to serve the needs of my clients through the creation of awareness about their landscape. If I prescribe work then I will also offer a written bid to do such work.


  1. These guys did great work for us on our 60 foot walnut tree. It looks fantastic and they cleaned up very nicely. They communicated really well and in a timely manner. I would highly recommend Rembrandt’s secures to anyone in need of tree care.

  2. Today 4/4/2017 they took down a 40 plus dying Elm tree which was leaning over my house without a hitch.
    Talked to them yesterday they came and took a look at it and it was on the ground by 11:30 today.
    I would highly recommend them 100%

  3. Excellent! We called them to deal with a storm-damaged tree that needed to be taken down. They were here within 15 minutes of my call. Their price was more than reasonable. Even though they were very busy today because of the storm, they finished our job quickly and efficiently. They cut the tree into firewood lengths and stacked them neatly. They did a terrific job cleaning up all the debris from the job. They are very nice people, extremely professional, and easy to work with. Thank you!

  4. I like the big picture perspective offered by Rembrandt Tree Care. They have helped me envision ways to make my property easier to manage, reducing watering and mowing, and helping me pick new trees to replace the trees that need to be removed. I like my long term plan and the gradual changes offered by Rembrandt. Yesterday, in a howling windstorm, they drove 45 miles to help me with a blowdown, so they are useful in emergencies as well. They cut the wood for firewood, left the chips where I need them for mulching, exactly as I wished. This is not my experience with other tree companies so I call Rembrandt first!

  5. Geoff and the Rembrandt crew helped convert our struggling lawn into a dedicated tree garden. They expertly trimmed existing trees and helped us provide ground nutrients so the trees would thrive. The site was clean and work completed at a competitive rate. I recommend them!

  6. I had a great experience with Geoff at Rembrandt Tree Care. Geoff is a certified arborist, and his training shows. His free consultation included lots of education for me about how to care for the trees, what I could expect from them for the coming years, and zero pressure in terms of services he could provide. I look forward to working with him again.

  7. Back door neighbor highly recommended Rembrandt from her personal experience. I called them in September to remove an Elm tree and prune a Fir tree. Being sensitive to the care of the fir tree they said they would come in the winter. Geoff courteously called ahead to make arrangements for coming. They fit their arrival within our schedule. The crew of three came yesterday and completed the work today. 4×8 plywood was placed where ever needed for protection of our property. They were totally professional and the clean up was exceptional and no property damage.

  8. Our dealings with Geoff, so far, have been very informative and professional. We have learned a lot and been able to make better decisions with his help. We will move forware with some trust which is very refreshing. I will update when work is actually done. Feeling great about working with Rembrandt so far.

  9. Geoff and his crew removed a 80’ Douglas Fir from our back yard. Because of the location of our electrical wires the work required coordination with the utility company to drop the wires during the tree removal. Geoff did a great job of coordinating that with the utility. I was impressed throughout with his attention to details and excellent communication. It was obvious he and his crew put safety first as well. The job was done well within the time frame given, my yard was raked clean of all debris and power was restored quickly. Great job! to Geoff and his crew.

  10. Geoff and his staff are the BEST in the area for tree care. They have helped me with my trees on multiple occasions. Professional in all ways- from the bid provided, scheduling, their work, and clean up after the job. Geoff always does what he says he will do. There are no surprises. Fair prices as well. I cannot recommend Rembrandt Tree Care highly enough.

  11. I cannot say enough regarding the outstanding quality of professionalism, work ethic, courtesy, good humor, customer service and more than satisfactory results from Rembrandt Tree care.

    From my first meeting with Geoff to the team cleaning up the yard following a full day of extreme care, well planned, aesthetically pleasing pruning, shaping, and nurturing of four trees plus additional garden shrubs, junipers, etc.

    All work completed with a courteous attitude so rarely found in today’s environment. And still smiling at the end of a productive but undoubtedly strenuous day. Not to mention all at an extremely reasonable cost. Very impressive group! Thank you so much Rembrandt Tree Care!!!

  12. We had a whole bunch of work done this Spring, several trees taken out and several more trimmed up. Like other comments said, Geoff and his crew is extremely knowledgeable about trees, what should be done when, and how to do it. Very impressive how they move up into those trees and either “disassemble” them or clean them up, safely, efficiently, carefully, meticulously. Really can’t recommend them highly enough!!

  13. I recently purchased a home in Moscow and quickly discovered that FIVE trees required attention. I obtained multiple bids and selected Rembrandt. Geoff maintained constant contact with me as we went through the permit process and all the way to the end. At finish he and his team exceeded my expectations. He did everything he promised to the letter. This was a difficult job with great potential for disaster. Came off without a hitch. Done on time and exactly as we agreed. Rembrandt Tree company is the team you want on your job!!!!
    Thanks Geoff for all you did!

  14. I knew one of my trees was growing in an unfortunate way, so I called these guys for help. What followed was a very informative and excellent conversation about my tree and situation that helped me to be able to make the best decision. We decided that no action would be best for the tree at this time, but so know when I need tree care I would definitely trust them to help me. Very thoughtful, thorough, and holistic in their approach to my tree and predicament. Excellent advice, and a joy to learn from. Honestly, I wouldn’t think of having anyone else touch my trees. Thank you for your great advice and help!

  15. I’m very happy with my experience. I’ve never delt with tree removal before and Geoff is very passionate about tree care and was generous with his time discussing all of our trees and our options.
    His guys that came over to do the removals and a couple of extras, Joseph and Austin, were very kind and friendly, took care to protect our property and did a great job.
    I highly recommend them!

  16. Geoff came out to my place and gave me a lengthy and knowledgeable evaluation of all of my trees, not just the one I asked him to look at. I very much appreciated his insight and knowledge. I highly recommend him if you want someone who cares about the health and well being of your trees. I will be calling Rembrandt Tree Care again the next time I need help with the trees on my property.

  17. We had an accidental tree fall and waited for insurance. Geoff came over 1 night with for an estimate, below our deductible and was able to do the job the next day. Arrived at 10 and gone by noon after perfect clean up. Very impressive, knowledgeable, and efficient. Would highly recommend.

  18. Geoff and his crew are the best around. I’m so glad that we chose to hve Rembrandt do our tree removals and trimming. Our property looks 100% better, and our existing trees now have a chance to thrive! Thanks again guys!

  19. We had Geoff and his team take out a 40′ tall tree today that was completely dead and could not be dropped normally due to it being a potential hazard of shattering tree limbs into personal property. This meant they had to cut it up the slow and meticulous way in order to do it safely. Geoff honored his original quote when he hadn’t yet known it was fully dead even though so much extra work went in to getting the job done right. Amazing service and very kind team all around. Can’t recommend them enough!

  20. I echo the response from Karen Young above. I now have a long-term plan for my yard as a tree garden. Less grass, less mowing, lots of sun interspersed with old-growth trees, and fruit trees pruned so that I can make use of the fruit. Geoff worked with me to help me really understand my goals. His crew is professional and courteous. I look forward to working with them again.

  21. Rembrandt has taken great care of our trees for many years. This week they did another wonderful job pruning, removing dead branches, and taking down a large tree that was dying. Geoff and his crew are knowledgeable, energetic, efficient, and easy to work with. They don’t destroy plants under and around the trees they work on and they do a thorough cleanup of debris afterwards. They are the best.

  22. Geoff and company came to the rescue and did an amazing job cleaning up the mess of downed limbs caused by the wet snow on still green leaves. Looking out my living room window at all the downed debris in neighbors yards and thanking my lucky stars mine was clean thanks to Rembrandt Tree Care. They are responsive and the best to work with!!

  23. In early October in conjunction with a neighboring homeowner, my husband & I hired Rembrandt Tree Care to take out two 3-trunked old cottonwoods. The main reason we hired this service was that they don’t use a bucket truck & neither of the properties involved had accommodations for a bucket truck. Added bonuses were the reasonable cost & the hard-working & friendly crew who cleaned up the area beautifully. We would recommend Rembrandt Tree Care & would hire them again if we have need to do so.

  24. We have a large, old maple that is exhibiting some issues. We wanted to talk to a real arborist who isn’t motivated to just chop stuff down. Geoff came out and spent quality time to educate us on the condition of all the trees on the property. His goal is to make trees healthy, not make firewood. I recommend him to anyone in the area, and we’ll call him whenever it’s time to prune or even remove a tree.

  25. Here’s another satisfied customer! We were devastated that our two 60-year-old Ponderosas had beetles and couldn’t be cured. The Rembrandt crew did a terrific job of taking them down and removing an astonishing amount of debris. They also trimmed a terribly overgrown cherry tree and removed another smaller spruce that was too big for its spot. They clearly have respect for trees and the expertise to handle them. And if your problem is in close quarters, their use of ropes and clamps instead of heavy, noisy machinery is very effective. As well, their communication was clear, honest, and compassionate about our lost trees. Thank you!

  26. We use Geoff and Rembrandt both personally and professionally. He has a straightforward approach and works to set forth a range of options, including what you can do going forward to accomplish your goals with regard to your property.

    We would not use anyone else in this area.

  27. We have used Rembrandt tree service several times now and have always liked their expertise, great advice on tree care, excellent work and helpfulness. Everyone was friendly, approachable and professional. Geoff clearly enjoys his work as an arborist and it shows.

  28. We have used Geoff and his crew on several occasions. In all cases we were very please with the job they did. Geoff did an excellent job explaining the options. He and his staff were hard workers. Also they did a good job cleaning up when they were done. We will use their services, if we need them in the future.

  29. This is the second time Rembrandt came to our place and took care of some tree trimming. We are always pleased with their work and advice. The crew were efficient and I had confidence in their skills – they even clean everything up before they leave! Highly recommended.

  30. Geoff and his crew at Rembrandt Tree Care were extremely knowledgeable and professional. You can count on their careful work. They listened to our concerns and educated us about our trees. When the work was completed, they cleaned up beautifully. In the past we have had work done from another company and basically all they did was top our trees leaving what looked like sling shots and a huge mess. Rembrandt’s prices were very reasonable. Call them first if you want the work done right! Thanks guys! Kelly and Mary Jo Turk, Farmington, WA

  31. Geoff and his crew were at my house for 2 hours today. Geoff came by last week to walk the property with me. I am always impressed by how fast, courteous, and careful they are. Everything is cleaned p before they leave, and the price is always fair.
    Libby Walker
    Pullman, WA

  32. I highly recommend Geoff and his crew, they do great work! Geoff first stopped by to scout out my huge Silver Maple in the back yard which needed thinning out and some touch up after the Avista crew somewhat butchered it in places. He gave an estimate and approximate time frame, then came and did the work on time and on budget per quote. As an added bonus, Geoff also gave me insights on where to plant future fruit trees and how to do so properly. Geoff and crew are very professional and knowledgeable in what they do. They also do an excellent job cleaning up the work site. You can’t go wrong with Rembrandt Tree Service!

  33. These folks do wonderful work. They come when the say they will, work hard, and are very professional. The name of the company is appropriate, they take great care in doing the work. We had a wonderful old silver maple that fell in our front yard due to an early snow. They recognized the importance we placed on that tree we lost and and acted accordingly. Geoff and the crew are also very knowledgeable about landscaping with trees, what options are available to save money, and how to work with the environment in our area. It is a pleasure to work with Geoff and his crew.

  34. We needed triming and tree removing on a 23 year growth and they did a great job. The crew had to cut and carry the results around the house. Most of the trimming included thorns which made the job worse. It was all done and looked great when they left and the mess was all cleaned up. We felt it was a great job. Walt & Orbie Gray

  35. We have over 70 TALL poplar trees surrounding our 2 acre home and previous owners did not maintain the trees. We were overwhelmed but Geoff patiently helped us come up with a short and long term plan that we could afford. They ARE the best and Geoff really knows his trees and how to bring them down safely. Big thanks to Geoff and his crew. Nice cleanup, reliable and worth every penny. We will see Rembrandt crew again next year.

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