What We Do

Allow me to come and visit your landscape

Your free tree assessment offers information, options, and suggestions designed to reduce liability and promote healthy growth of your landscape. During the assessment I will analyze the different symptoms of health or lack thereof of the trees in your landscape including the type, branch structure and growth habit of your trees. I also look for included bark crotches, die back, stobs, wounds, signs of insects or fungus, previous topping, indiscriminate pruning, as well as the trees relationship to the soil and proximity to your buildings and other suburban infrastructure.

Shared boundaries

As we live in communities that have a shared forest, I often give advice to help solve issues that arise between land owners on property lines. Damage from root systems, migratory seedlings, direct or possible contact to houses, vegetative shading and or screening, debris buildup in gutters, and lichens or moss growing on roofs are just a few of the topics discussed. Realizing the possible complexity of such issues I work with tact to shed unbiased light on the subject and to raise awareness and help forward positive progress for all concerned parties.

New Tree Selection

If there is a need for a new tree in the landscape I will help with advise as to what kind and where to plant. This information includes species that thrive in our environment, have little exposure to insect infestation and or other common disease vectors, reduced maintenance, color, shape, and size of the tree and how it will fit into your over arching landscape.


In addition to many years of my family’s collective tree experience (since 1977), I am also an ISA Certified Arborist. The International Society of Arboriculture is the world leader in arboriculture and the promotion of health in urban forests as well as the training, testing and certification of arborists world wide. Rembrandt Tree Care is licensed, bonded, and insured in both Idaho and Washington and is qualified to perform actions that insurance companies frequently require. I am also familiar with the different regulations that are enforced in the cities and municipalities which I service.

Business Practice

As always my central focus is to serve the needs of my clients through creation of awareness about their landscape. If I prescribe work then I will also offer a written bid to do such work.